Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking For Domain SX

Are you looking for SX in all the wrong places? Can't afford Sex-Dot-Com...or Sex-Dot-Anything for that matter? Well there is new hope for those of us who wish to retire early on our earnings as Internet porn purveyors. No need now to pay ten million plus for a Dot Com that signals salaciousness like Porn-Dot-Com. Forget about that flash in the pan Dot XXX that everyone thought was going to take over the world of online titillation; xxx signals kisses, not rough duty, always has; and today you can buy Dot XXX's for peanuts on Ebay. Say hello to DOT SX, the new country code Internet Top Level Domain (CCTLD) for Sint Maarten (not a misspelling) once part of the recently deconstructed Netherlands Antilles with country code Dot AN; I mean who would want AN when they could have SX? More good news for entrepreneurial smut peddlers: unlike our Canadian neighbors who actually expect us to live in their icebox of a country if we want one of their CA domains, you don't have to live on Sint Maartin to buy the salacious domain name you've been looking for. From the looks of Sint Maartin--nothing but sun, sand and beaches-- that wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice.

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