Friday, August 17, 2012

Cheapest Com Domain: Where Do You Find It?

Here is a riddle: What web item has more claimants to a certain title than Spartacus, but is harder to find than Waldo? The answer: The Cheapest Com Domain!

Just as the defeated Roman slaves all claimed to be their leader, Spartacus, virtually every domain registrar and reseller on the Internet will claim to have The Cheapest Com Domain at one time or another. And on any given moment of any given day they will all be right. If you've searched for the elusive "cheapest com" you might have already realized that. 

Com domain prices float higher and lower across the web hourly. They can be found for fifty dollars or more; they can be found for free. The only price that remains constant at this hour is the wholesale price of Coms: about $7.85 at  who holds the contract with ICANN (Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers) to supply the registrars like Godaddy, ENOM and 1and1. After that there does not appear to be a free trade price.

Of course most of the time the price is enough to furnish the registrar a profit. Sometimes, but not often, the battle for market share heats up to the point where the domains are actually free. Don’t expect that to last past the first year of registration, however!

Many registrars and resellers claim to give free dot-Coms with web hosting. Watch out here! Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. That free domain might be just a hook to reel you in with. 

Before you take that promised free domain included with a web hosting package, you might want to find out how much that free domain is actually costing you. Quickest and easiest way to discover that fact is to compare the price of web hosting with that of other registrars. If you are not paying a dollar or two more per month for the same hosting package than you would elsewhere, you might have a good deal.

Really, really, really cheap coms also need to be scrutinized closely. For one thing, if the registrar’s landing page brags about domains for $1.99 or less and doesn’t specify coms, they are not talking about coms. If they were they wouldn’t miss a chance to tell you; no, they are hoping you’ll take a shot at their domain search box and accept a higher price. The $1.99 thriller  was an .info or maybe a .us. On the other hand, the fairly common “$1.99 or less with a non-domain purchase” offer is usually on the level as long as you don’t buy something you don’t actually need to get it.

While surfing the web you will come across a lot of sites that advertise the com price on their landing page. You’ll probably come across as many again that don’t. A simple rule of thumb is, if they aren’t bragging about it, they don’t have it and they likely aren't proud of it. Perhaps you should surf on...  

Besides the individual registrars and resellers claiming the cheapest com domain, you will also come across a number of sites that insist they are unbiased reviewers and have the answer. Take these sites and their lists with the proverbial grain of salt. Who knows what outside influences may be reflected in their rankings...isn’t it odd how they only rate the major players? After the recent big-bank debacles, does anyone still believe they can place their trust in an organization based solely on size?

At one time or another everybody claims to have the cheapest com domain. This makes for a bewildering maze that “Where’s Waldo’s” creator might be proud of!

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