Saturday, May 19, 2012


Well when the Duchess of Cambridge didn’t buy a domain I figured I was going to have to try something else.  How about Radio? Yup, Radio.

But what does Cheap Mike know about advertising on Radio? You Guessed it, Nothing!

Going to FIVERR.Com again I found a gentleman who said he could write the ad and even better, recite it. Five bucks for the ad and another for the recitation.  So I gave it a try.  You can hear the result of this interesting experiment any time you have a spare 30 seconds by clicking the audio portion of this story.

I was pleased with the result. The guy has a great radio voice and from his picture I can see he's damn near as old as I am. If you think you might want to try/ it the guys handle is (bkthedj). The ad is presently streaming on an online radio station: ClubCountryRadio.Com

Even if you don't get an invitation by radio, please Visit Mike at CheapMikesDomains.Com and take a look at his low prices.

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