Friday, March 30, 2012

Cheap Mike Tours London England!

Pay-per-click hasn’t been working that well lately for Cheap Mike. Since Mike always tries to do his best by the economy and spend money, he turned to look for a new advertising source. His good friend AN-G, the Vietnamese entrepreneur, suggested using

For those of you not in the know, is an online employment brokerage which dares people to offer jobs--called gigs-- for five dollars.  I say “dare” because some of the gigs are pretty ludicrous. I mean it takes guts to offer to write “I love you” on your upper and lower lip, magnify it 10 times and send it to somebody else's significant other. Some of the gigs however – – particularly the advertising gigs – – seemed just right for a cheapo like Cheap Mike. The first advertising gig Cheap Mike fell for was a week of his logo touring London England on the side of a white van.

How, you ask, did that London England gig work for Cheap Mike?  Well it didn’t immediately bring in any money, if that’s your question.  But  then with advertising, sometimes only time will tell. It was fun to know Cheap Mike was getting a look at London even if I never will, and If Kate, the lovely Duchess of Cambridge, ever buys a domain from Cheap Mike it will have certainly been worth the five dollars!

If you're interested in broadening your logo's horizons here is the fiver address for the London Van... If you want to know more about Cheap Mike visit his site at

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