Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cyrillic Domain Extension

The first of the non-Latinate top-level domain extensions went on the market on November 11, 2010. Or, two days ago as of this writing.  It is the Cyrillic version of the Latin “.rf.”  I’ve provided this blog with a picture of the Cyrillic version as my keyboard can’t be coaxed into displaying it!

RF, of course, stands for the “Russian Federation.”  Arabic and Chinese non-Latinate top-level domain extensions are to follow.  How successful these extensions will be remains, of course, to be seen.  Or, how necessary! One commentator online, a speaker of one of these languages pointed out that there was nothing wrong with the entire world using the Latin alphabet for extensions.  After all, he said, where would the West be today scientifically if it hadn't forsaken once dominant Roman numerals for the Arabic?

Apparently you don’t need to be a citizen or a resident of Russia to purchase the new extension.  They can be bought at (RU Central) for 600 Rubles or about 20 American Dollars.  But be careful.  There are some traps that a non-Russian speaker might step into without realizing it.  The 600 Rubles doesn’t buy you the right to sell the extension nor do you have much control over the DNS without further expenditures.  Forwarding the domain, for example, will cost you 150 euros, or about 200 American Dollars. It was that last number that drove me away although I had done business with RU Central before.  The last time it cost about 20 dollars for the forwarding.  That too was a bit hefty considering most of the registrars will do it for little or nothing but it was the only way to get my hands on an old .Su (Soviet Union) extension.

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