Saturday, November 20, 2010

About Internationalized Domain Names

дешевые домены For those of you whose Russian might be a bit weak, that's Russian for "cheap domains" written in Cyrillic script.  Cheap Mike recently purchased the domain name дешевыедомены.com just to see how it was done and what would happen.  Internationalized domain names have been around for a few years now but you don't see much about them on the web.  The new non-Latinate domain extensions like the Cyrillic symbols РФ (rf in Latin script) have received far more publicity; it remains to be seen how effective they will be in changing the way that Internet addresses work.

One of the big problems at the moment (at least for the Cyrillic extension) is that you can only get it from one source: which is RU Central in Russia; it's a bit expensive and you can't transfer it once you do own it.  IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) on the other hand can be formed in the script of choice and attached to the far more common and easily transferred Latin domain extensions like .com, .net and .info.  The Latin extensions of course also remain the most popular even though an estimated 60% of Internet users are not English speakers.
  For those of you who would like to try your hand at IDN's, simple go to your registrar's IDN section (if they don't have one come visit me!) and follow the directions.  The non-Latin script will be converted into puny code that can be read as ASCII symbols but will appear as whatever script as originally input.  My дешевыедомены.com, for example appears as XN--B1ADBCABB9CKH9HRBG.COM which my keyboard can handle easier and doesn't require browser adjustment. Both have been forwarded to my main business site. A free service for all domains on my site. won't forward for less than 150 euros or about 200 bucks!

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