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What are differences between gTLD and ccTLD in law?

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What are differences between gTLD and ccTLD in law?

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Mike NardineOwner: CheapMikesDomains.Com Edit Bio

A great question! But one that is wide-open to interpretation. So let me preface my remarks by saying I am not a lawyer and all I know about  TLD’s comes from surfing the net and reading those articles that interest me. As you know the information gleaned from surfing is subject to a good deal of error.  This then is merely my sense of the state of things and if it doesn’t answer your question I apologize in advance.

It strikes me that CCTLD’s are more easily controlled by the national state they represent. The GTLD’s are at least answerable to ICANN and require some degree of due process on the part of third-party states to be controlled.  

It also seems to me that there is no place to hide from the law enforcement reach of every nation amid the gtld’s or the cctld’s. By that I mean that the U.S. government can take down your gtld com regardless of where you reside, and if you are stupid enough to open a porn site on a Middle-Eastern CCTLD you will likely find yourself out of business in short order. On the other hand you might be safe committing tax fraud against the U.S in that Middle Eastern nation while that same Middle-Eastern nation wouldn’t be able to touch your porn site on a Com.

What I find myself babbling here is that in my opinion some nation’s laws apply to every tld while no single nation’s laws apply to all TLD’s.  So to make this long story short, my sense of it is the laws governing TLD’s are just as different, vague and confusing as any law when on the international scene.  Thanks for asking.

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Mike Nardine

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